Hey There!

We are Tao (top) and Ash (bottom), your friendly photographers. Just a couple of guys that have bonded through sharing the same passion for photography.

Photography for us has always been about creating and sharing the beauty of the world, seen through our eyes. Through this creative avenue we have been able to develop a career of something which is a hobby and a passion.

We did not develop photography skills in a typical way, going to an arts school or studying photography. We developed our skills by capturing candid moments of friends and people. To us, there is nothing better than capturing a moment which provokes a feeling and tells a story, a memory which may otherwise be forgotten, but, can now always be looked back on.

We love getting to know people and hearing about their lives. Everyone has a story to tell and I know it's cliche, but we truly believe a photo tells a thousand words. So, if you want your story to be told with a unique and interesting perspective, contact us here!

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