November 2, 2021

Engagement/ pre-wedding shoots and why you would want one

Being engaged to the person you are about to commit your life to is not only an exciting time but one that may be, in the scheme of things, short-lived. If marriage is a life journey, think of the period where you are engaged to be your childhood and how only some memories last as you grow into adulthood. Cue engagement shoots, to create photographic memories of a part of your life that you can’t go back to once you’re married!

Having an engagement shoot is something many people choose to do, depending on your budget and other constraints. But surprisingly, many people don’t know that they even exist, how affordable they can be, and what the benefits of having one are. Some other common concerns about engagement shoots are, will they be embarrassing? What do I wear? How do I organise them? Are they worth it? The list goes on.

In this blog post, I will answer some of these concerns and talk about why having an engagement shoot can bring value to your life. 

The benefits of an engagement shoot

The foremost reason why couples choose to have an engagement shoot is for a fun and forever momento of the time before they were married. Some choose to keep these private while many like to share the photos with their family and friends. 

If choosing to share your photos with others, they can also be used for many different purposes. For example, to announce your engagement. Or, in a time where digital invitations are becoming a new norm, having professional photos can be used in the creation of these in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. 

Tip: arrange your hair and make-up trial prior to your engagement shoot (and on the same day). 

Another lesser-known benefit of having an engagement shoot is to test whether brides are happy with their hair and make-up after having a trial. 

Being able to look at photographs of your hair and make-up may determine if you are happy with how your look turns out, or if you would like to make some changes before your wedding day. This happened to me! While I thought it looked great in person, I wasn’t fully happy with what colour my make-up artist used for the highlight and eyeshadow after I saw how they turned out in photos. I asked her to make a note of this and couldn’t have been happier with having made the changes on my actual wedding day. 

Likewise, an engagement shoot can also determine if you like the photographer’s style and demeanor before you decide to book them in for your wedding day. Being able to see the photos produced can give you an indicator of whether they’re worth spending the money on for the main event. 

What do engagement shoots entail?

Where and when engagement shoots happen are entirely the preference of the couple. You can dress up and go somewhere glamorous. You can have the shoot at home in your pyjamas where you feel the most comfortable. Many people opt for shoots near waterways or in nature. Some people opt for multiple settings. You can have them at sunrise, sunset, and at night time. Every couple will have a different idea of how they want their engagement shoot to be and there is no “normal” way or place to do them. 

Because of this, engagement shoots shouldn’t be embarrassing or uncomfortable and you can set your worries aside. At the end of the day, the shoot should be fun, candid and a professional photographer will guide you on how to pose if you’re finding it hard or awkward. 

If you would like a free quote on an engagement shoot, contact Love Pixels. 


All pictures taken by Love Pixels.