November 14, 2021

Next Steps in Planning Your Wedding (Part 2)

In the previous blog post in this series, we discussed the first things you should do in planning your wedding. These were choosing your guest list, venue and wedding date. In this blog post, we will talk about the next things you can do to plan your wedding. So let’s just stuck into it. 

Book your photographer and videographer

With many 2021 lockdown weddings being pushed back into 2022, many dates are being booked out quickly. Here is when the organising bunny inside your head needs to kick in and put the deposit down for the photographer/ videographer whose work you have been eyeing. Or if you haven’t even thought about this part yet, get talking to your partner and going through some potentials so that you can get started on emailing them for their price list and available dates to narrow your list down. Here’s where I’m going to put a sneaky link to contact Love Pixels for your free quote, available dates and to let you know that there’s a current promotion running for 2022 bookings. 

Choose your bridal party

Choosing your bridal party early can give you a step up in organising the rest of your wedding. Traditionally, the whole purpose of having a bridal party is to help you with organising the day so choosing them early can help you for later steps in the wedding planning. It’s also necessary to know who they will be (and if they accept) so that you can get planning on what they will wear and if you need to organise this too.

Buy your dress/ suits

What many people don’t know is that it can take up to 8 months to have your wedding dress ready and in your closet. Assumptions include being able to walk into a bridal store and purchasing a dress off the rack when you have found the one. While this is definitely possible, most of the time you will need to order your correct size because they will not stock them in the store. After you receive your dress or buy your suits, they may also need to be altered to be a perfect fit which also takes time. Having these ready nice and early means one less thing to stress about. 

Book accommodation (if required)

If you’re having an out-of-the-way wedding and you, your family, or guests would like to stay closer to your wedding venue, book the locations you like before they become booked out! Or before they increase in price (it does happen). 

Or even if you are planning to get married closer to home or in the city, you may also want to stay in a hotel before or on your wedding night. Booking a place early will ensure you get the place you really want. 

Choose your colour palette

Also known as colour themes and colour schemes, colour palettes are so important to know to set the rest of your plans. A wedding colour palette is the colours that will be most prominent in the aesthetics of your big day. The colour palette will set the tone for decor, floral arrangements, suits, bouquets and much more. Also, if you have this chosen, you can start browsing Pinterest and other images for ideas on how you want your wedding to look like. 

Personally, once I had completed these things off the checklist, I felt so relieved that the bulk of the wedding had been organised! Stay tuned for part 3 to start fine-tuning your wedding planning. 


All pictures taken by Love Pixels.