May 31, 2021

Tips on How to Cut Wedding Costs: Photography & Videography

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In Sydney, the cost of hiring a professional photographer for a full day of capturing your wedding can cost anywhere between $2500 to upwards of $8000. Add in, an extra photographer, print outs, travel costs and USB copies and the minimal cost can then start to look more like $3500. 

Many people are repelled by these kinds of figures, however, many people do not see the back-end work the photographer must do. Consider these - the time taken to organise and comb through every detail of the day before the wedding date arrives, the constant being on your feet on the wedding day (sometimes 12-14 hours straight) and the countless hours of editing and uploading required after the wedding is over. One can easily justify the cost of a professional photographer - it is by no means an easy job.  

For those with the budget, photography and videography ranks as a high priority in order to capture beautiful and lasting memories that simply cannot be captured in any other form. The day will go by so quickly, like a wonderful blur. You may forget things and you may never get to see things that are important. With photos and videos, you can sit down and experience it all over again at any time you please. 

For me, seeing the faces of the people we loved the most in the world smile as we were married really touched me to a level I cannot forget. Some of those people unexpectedly passed away a few months after we were married. We almost chose not to get a videographer for our wedding but when the clips were finally released, I watched them over and over again with the same feeling in my heart as I had on the day. It was pure happiness for us and brought an emotional element that photography could not. For us and for many couples, photography and videography is something worthwhile when allocating your budget. 

In saying that, there are many many ways to cut costs to fit more into your budget. Firstlly, you could cut costs in other places! There will be future blog posts on this. 

Otherwise, here are my tips on how to save money with photography and videography for your special day. 

Tip 1: opt for less hours

Typically, a full day consists of 10-12 hours if you want to capture your wedding day from start to finish. The start consists of getting ready at your separate locations, right through to when everybody is lighting up the dance floor. 

Cutting back to a half-day package which is usually about 6 hours, can save you 30-40% of the full day costs. It may mean that you miss out on photos of you getting ready, the fathers first look at his daughter on her wedding day or some cultural traditions (such as tea ceremonies or door games) that some like to do before the ceremony starts. However, if you aren’t planning to do any of these and don’t really care to see pictures of you in a robe getting your make-up done - 30-40% is quite a bit to save! 

Tip 2: Ask what promotions are being offered

So you’ve shopped around for photographers you like and you found one (or more) that suits your style and budget. Email them to ask if there are promotions being offered currently. In particular, in quieter months, some businesses offer discounts to bring in clients. It truly cannot hurt to ask and the worst that a business can do is to say that there are no promotions running - nobody has lost anything really. 

See Love Pixels promotions.

Tip 3: Book as early as possible

With the cost of inflation, waiting to book a photographer/ videographer could see that you spend hundreds more for the same service. For example, we booked our photographer 1.5 years before our wedding date. Just before the wedding date came, he had increased his price of the same package by at least $200. Luckily, we had booked so much earlier to secure the lower cost.

Tip 4: Cut the extras

If your photographer's package includes details such as the provision of a USB, canvas print-outs or same-day edits, ask to cut those out to lower the cost of the package. With a bit of extra work, most of these things can be done yourself. You might find yourself saving a little here and a little there.

There are many other suggestions circulating wedding forums and the internet on how to cut costs with photography and videography. Some include hiring novice service providers or asking friends or relatives to take pictures with their mobile phones. While this may seem like a great money-saving option at the time, be prepared that there is a big risk that the pictures taken will be low resolution and missing at certain (maybe very important) points of the day. Printing physical copies for a photo album or on canvas to hang on a wall, may not be possible in the future. When the day is over, unfortunately, nobody will be able to go back and recapture any of the sights and sounds of that blissful day. So make sure you really think about what is important for you and your budget. 

Future blog posts will talk about other ways to cut costs for your wedding. 

If you are struggling to find something suitable for you, contact Love Pixels to help cater a package to your needs. 

Until next time!