July 5, 2021

Wedding DJs

Wedding Planning

At wedding receptions, DJs play a huge part in how smooth and enjoyable the night plays out. Yet the work that they do and the impact that they have on weddings is largely misunderstood. Many couples plan to “just play a Spotify list” and while this may work for specific situations such as weddings that don’t plan to have dancing, small sized weddings or weddings where a live band will be playing all night, having a DJ can be advantageous. 

The arrangement of NOT having a DJ to manage music on the night may entail problems and unwanted headaches that are just not needed on the wedding day. Taken from experiences of others, some of these problems include dying phone batteries, limited mobile reception, poor quality speaker system used by the venue and people fighting over the music selection. The list goes on. 

At a bare minimum, a professional wedding DJ should provide a good external sound system for the venue size, a microphone, dance floor lighting and bring their own essential equipment. While DJ services do come at an extra cost, there are many situations where they are absolutely vital to have the best and most enjoyable wedding you could possibly have. 

That being said, considering the all-too-common horror stories of bad DJs, how do we choose a good one and what do we need to consider when having a DJ for the wedding?

We were lucky enough to have our close friend and experienced wedding DJ make our night a memorable one. She had everyone up and dancing and having an absolute blast - even had the older Aunts and Uncles moving in ways I’ve never seen before! DJ Missy was kind enough to tell us her tips on how to choose a DJ for your special day. 

tips on how to choose your wedding dj

  • Ask for recommendations from friends but also do your own research about them. Find out about their experience and the events they have worked at in the past. 

  • Make sure they are a DJ experienced in weddings - wedding DJs will know how weddings are run, what to expect and how to advise you based on their expertise. 

  • Don’t cheap out on DJ or entertainment - people will remember a good DJ, but they will remember a bad one more. Choosing quality and experience in a DJ will mean that they probably won’t be offering the cheapest prices on the market.

  • Meet/ video call them - you can see if you like their vibe or if you get along well. This will make the process of working with them a lot easier if you feel good about them. Not only this, but you’ll be able to gauge their experience and ask them any questions you may have. 

  • Choose a DJ with good communication - you want a DJ that is prompt and transparent in their communication. 

  • Ask them how they collect your music preferences - any good DJ will want to cater to your requests, it is your night after all! 

As an added bonus, many DJs offer packages that include services such as photo booths, cold fireworks and dry ice. If these are things you were wishing to have incorporated into your wedding to make it visually spectacular, then consider combining these into your DJ package and tick a few things off your list at the same time! 

So DJ or no DJ, I hope I have provided some tips and insights why having a DJ could be beneficial to your big day. Dare I say, it was so worth having one from my experience. 


A special thank you to Marina from https://momentsandmemoriesevents.com.au/ for taking the time to help us with this post.