June 8, 2021

Wedding Runsheets

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So you’ve organised your guests, the dress, the suits, the vendors and just have the nitty gritty details of your wedding day to go. 

A wedding runsheet is an organisational tool that is mandatory to assist everybody involved in the wedding. It is a timetable that lists the events of the day and will allow your wedding day to run on a timely schedule. 

Vendors will use your runsheet to fit their schedule to yours. Therefore, providing them with the runsheet as early as possible will allow vendors to ask any questions they may have about the timetable before the day starts. This can eliminate any issues early to allow the day to flow smoothly.

A runsheet should also contain contact details for all vendors involved and should be distributed to at least the vendors and bridal party. This means that should there be any problems on the day, you can enlist the help of your bridal party, family or friends to be a contact instead of you (who will be very busy getting married!). 

how to make the Runsheet

Step 1: Determine how long it will take you to get to your ceremony location from the place where you plan to get ready. Allow yourself time for traffic. This will be the time you need to leave to get to the ceremony.


Step 2: Give yourself about 20-30 minutes before you need to leave to take some pictures with your family and bridal party (if applicable). This will be the time you will aim to have your hair and make-up finished by. Find out from your hair and makeup artist what time you need to start in order to finish by that time. Now you have the start times to your day.


Step 3: Work your way from there and add in as many details as you can. Add extra time for everything in the event of any delays to be accounted for. 


I have included a sample run sheet here and then a blank runsheet template here for you to fill in.

Happy organising,